One of our goals at Five Senses is for guests to wear the wig they purchase. In order to achieve this goal, we have carefully selected high-quality, fashionable wigs that provide comfort and style.  We take pride in suggesting the wig that best matches the current or preferred color, fits properly and compliments an individual’s features and lifestyle.

Five Senses offers both human and synthetic hair wigs that look realistic and will allow the scalp to “breathe.” Our adjustable wigs provide the best fit for the different stages of hair loss. If undergoing medical treatment, the optimal time to be fitted for a wig is before hair loss begins; however, we can work with guests at any stage of hair loss. Delivery can be immediate; special orders will usually arrive within a few business days.


When a wig is purchased at Five Senses Spa and Salon, we provide complimentary care of the wig over its lifetime.  We will cut and style the wig to an individual’s characteristics and preferences and make any desired adjustments in length.  Although we will offer pointers for at-home wig care, we will wash and style the wig as often as is desired in our salon. Each wig purchase includes a mannequin head to assist in holding the shape of the wig when it is not being worn. For our guests undergoing chemotherapy, we offer a complimentary scalp relief shampooing with Aveda’s signature Rosemary Mint Shampoo to soothe the sensitive scalp during the wig's shampoo and style service.


Real human hair extensions are available for guests experiencing thinning hair or re-growth of their hair after medical treatment. Extensions can address thinning areas and add volume and length. They are a comfortable alternative to other forms of hair replacement that allow for routine activities, such as swimming, without extra worry.  Five Senses’ trained professionals can determine if an individual is a candidate for hair extensions.


Five Senses carries a selection of hats, caps, turbans, wraps and other headwear designed specifically for thinning hair and medical hair loss guests. Styles available reflect the current trends, are comfortable and made of the highest-quality materials. Our Specialists can suggest the headwear pieces that provide the best fit and are most practical for each guest’s daily routine – from household chores and weekly errands to attending formal events.


Make-Up, Eyebrows and Eyelashes:  Make-up is a great way to bring color to the face if undergoing medical treatment.  Five Senses Spa and Salon can offer pointers on how to accentuate facial features. We can also give advice on eyebrow and eyelash loss.

Nail Care:  Nail care is extremely important during medical treatment.  Nails must be kept clean and trimmed to minimize bacteria under the nail.  Our staff is trained to help with these specific nail care needs. We have the appropriate products and alternatives for hand and nail care during treatment.

Spa Services:  Guests undergoing medical treatment frequently experience dry skin and must moisturize and re-hydrate.  These guests are often in need of skincare and body care products that are all-natural, non-alcoholic and non-toxic.  Our spa services, including facials, body treatments and our Vichy shower, can add moisture back to the skin.