Services I Provide

  • Men's Hair Cuts
  • Women's Hair Cuts
  • Nail Services
  • Breitanya

    Favorite Aveda Products.

    Love for the Industry. I chose to work in the beauty industry because I enjoy accentuating my guests inner beauty by transforming their outward appearance. I love thinking outside of the box and helping guests revitalize their look; even in the most subtle way!

    Proudest/Funniest Moment. My proudest moment would be being able to speak with Darin Lahood. I may be a small guy, but I am a part of something much bigger! The funniest moment I've witnessed would have to be Jason attempting to give Erin the Heimlich Maneuver!  

    Interests. When I am not at Five Senses I enjoy spending my time hanging out with my 4 kids and working on cars. My favorite color is red!

    Quote. "Commitment eliminates option. Whatever you are committed to eliminates the option of anything contrary to that commitment." - Kelly Cardenas