The Wonderful Benefits of Cupping Therapy Massage

At Five Senses Spa, Salon & Barbershop, we offer cupping therapy massage. Cupping has gained popularity over the last few years and is a safe, effective treatment to help resolve chronic tightness and soreness in the muscles. Are you aware of the other wonderful benefits of cupping therapy?

Reduce anxiety. When our expert massage therapists glide the cups over your skin, your parasympathetic nervous system kicks into action, slowing your heart rate and promoting deep relaxation throughout your body while lowering your stress and anxiety levels.

Increase circulation. The suction from the cups helps to increase circulation in areas where the cups are placed. The additional blood flow relieves muscle tension and promotes cell repair where you need it most. Studies have shown that increasing circulation with cupping can help reduce the appearance of cellulite as well!

Encourage tissues to release toxins. Our modern lifestyles tend to overload bodies with toxins. When you indulge in cupping massage, it gives your body a boost to release those harmful toxins. Focusing the blood flow will flush built-up toxins through your lymphatic system, which is responsible for eradicating your body’s waste and toxins.

Clear congestion and aid with asthma. Whether you suffer from asthma or have congestion from a cold or bronchitis, cupping can help. The suction from the cups breaks up congestion while bringing oxygen-rich blood toward your lungs and other respiratory muscles. When you need this kind of relief, cups can be placed on your chest as well as your back. Our massage professionals are trained to glide the cups in an upward motion to accelerate the movement of the lymph fluid, easing congestion and lessening asthma symptoms. Facial cupping may be an option for you if you need help unblocking your sinuses.

Lessen stretch marks and scars. When your body eliminates toxins from your body, your lymphatic circulation is restored, and excess fluid is removed from the body. This reduction diminishes the appearance of scarring and stretch marks. Positive effects of cupping on stretch marks have been shown even in areas where the cups were not applied.

Improve spider and varicose veins. Varicose veins are those bulging bluish veins under the skin, usually found on the legs and feet. Varicose veins happen when the valves in the veins aren’t properly working and don’t push the blood from the muscle back to the heart as they are supposed to. Cupping therapy encourages fresh blood flow and oxygen to those problem areas. You may notice lighter varicose veins in as little as one session! However, you will need a series of cupping sessions to enjoy long-lasting results.

Clear blockages and improve digestion. Cupping can be an effective massage therapy when you need to stimulate your digestive tract. It assists in peristalsis, helps clear colon blockages, relieves indigestion, and encourages blood flow and movement of body fluids through your organs.

The benefits of cupping therapy massage increase over time with repeated sessions. If you’d like to see if our cupping therapy can work for you, come into Five Senses Spa, Salon, and Barbershop and let us work together to achieve your goals. Give us a call at (309) 693-7719 to book your appointment. You can also visit us at 5035 W American Prairie Drive in Peoria. Or better yet, book the perfect appointment for your schedule with our mobile app, available on iTunes or Google Play.