Nail Color Trends You’ll Love This Summer

You’ve got the wardrobe, you’ve got the new hairstyle, you’ve even got the trendy new Five Senses hair color for your summer style. Want to add a new dimension to your summer look? Try out some new nail colors to complete your summer fashion statement! Bold, beautiful nail colors are a fun way to express yourself, and we’re seeing some amazing new trends this season for beautiful nails that will get you noticed. Here are a few of our favorites.

Spearmint Green. This is the perfect color for warmer months, blending the shades of the blue summer sky in with the lush green foliage of the season. Spearmint is one of those colors that look fantastic with nearly every skin tone, making it a beautiful choice for summer.

Bright coral red. If you’ve ever experienced a dive into lush coral reefs, you know how incredible those vibrant reds look as they stand out from the other hues. You can get the same look for your nails this season so you can stand out in the crowd.

Bright yellow. This vibrant color is a great choice for summer fun under the warm summer sun. Yellow has a symbolic meaning as well, representing enlightenment and happiness, the perfect attitude for summer.

Cotton candy pink. Summer is associated with many fun activities, including those unforgettable county fairs with delicious cotton candy stands and lots of fun activities. Bring those memories into your own fashion statement with some cotton candy pink nails, adding a bit of playfulness to your summer style.

Blue. After a long winter, we all welcome back the blue summer sky, so why not celebrate with a fun look for your nails? This summer, we’re seeing a multicolor trend with an ombre-like transition from light to dark using a different color for each nail. It’s a fun way to make a statement with your nails this season.

Orange. For a bold, bright choice, try orange nails this summer to add some excitement to your summer wardrobe. Orange is a secondary color in most summer fashion colors, so bringing it out for your nails makes an incredible look that will really get you noticed.

Pastels. For a pretty, feminine look, add pastels to your nail color choices this summer. From barely-there pinks to pastel yellows to faint baby blue, pastels make any summer wardrobe look fantastic. You can even try a rainbow of pastels with different colors on each nail for an extra bit of fun.

For a fun new look this summer, try adding a new nail color to your palette this season. Make an appointment today at Five Senses Spa, Salon & Barbershop and our expert nail technicians will give you a look you’ll love! Call us at (309) 693-7719 to book your appointment, visit us at 5035 W American Prairie Drive in Peoria, Illinois, or book your nail color appointment on our free mobile app, available on iTunes or Google Play.