Hair Color Trends to Love in 2021

Hair colors never really go out of style, they seem to just circle around after a time. The important thing is to find a current “in” color that speaks to you, suits your lifestyle, and shows off your personality. Here are some great hair color trends we are going to be seeing more of in 2021.

One-Dimensional Colors
We saw a lot of one-dimensional colors in the ’90s and that trend is back and gaining momentum. The single-process color is appealing to many because whether it’s blonde, red, or a deep chocolate brown, the look is uniform, fresh, and modern. Stick to shades close to your natural hair color for easy maintenance.

Chunky Highlights
This trend is once again getting new life in 2021. Chunky highlights around the face is coming back, with a bit more subtle look than that of 20 years ago. It gives a more expressive look than the subtle blending of a balayage, but with just the right amount of highlights to demand attention.

Silvery Gray
The salon shutdowns forced a lot of women to embrace their grays. They have realized that silver can be gorgeous at any age, so why not take advantage of it. We are seeing many embracing their natural grays and enhancing them with add foiled highlights or lowlights to blend uneven sections of gray to give a more uniformed silvery gray look.

Toffee Balayage
If you have naturally chocolate brown hair and want to lighten it up, have your Five Senses colorist add some golden toffee pieces to your naturally dark hair with balayage. These highlights hit just the right spot to bring brightness and warmth around your face.

Golden Blonde
Winter doesn’t mean that your blonde has to tone down and go darker. We are seeing platinum, warm golden blonde, and strawberry blonde still trending in 2021. Embrace your blonde roots and shine with a single process blonde shade or a multi-dimensional look by adding some warm honey tones to your blonde base.

Rouge Tones
If you’re wanting to make a statement in 2021, these popular rouge tones could be the way to go. Whether you’re a natural redhead or want to give yourself a new look, these rouge tones are a true red. It’s deeper than a copper but lighter than an auburn. You can really increase the intensity with a single-color process or add highlights to decrease the vibrancy while adding dimension.

Cotton Candy Pink
With salons closed during the quarantine, we saw a lot of women experimenting on their own with pastel pink. Now that we’re back in business, the cotton candy pink hair color is still going strong but now, we can make sure it’s done right with our expert hair colorists in the salon. Why not start 2021 off with some pizzazz.

No matter what hair color you choose for 2021, be sure to use color-safe hair products, such as Aveda’s Color Conserve Hair Products to help protect dyed hair from fading and getting dull.

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