Gorgeous Winter Hair Colors for 2022

Winter is a great time to make a change to your look – and with so many fun and unique shades available, trying a new hair color is a great way to ring in 2022! Here are a few gorgeous hair color ideas that you’ll love.

Pumpkin Spice Blonde. Our favorite flavor is now one of our favorite hair color ideas – pumpkin spice! This unique shade adds a gorgeous hue to your blonde, making it a blend of rose, copper, strawberry, and blonde for a rich, high-dimensional look.

Icy Blonde. If you like things on the cool side, try this shade for a winter look. A close cousin of platinum blonde, this cool shade is the perfect look to match the icy cold weather outside.

Sienna Copper. If you’re looking for a rich red shade for your winter look, try this fiery shade. This shade starts deep in an almost-brown hue then brightens up with rich, coppery highlights that add dimension and shine.

Chocolate Cherry. Brunettes who love a dark shade will love this look, which takes rich, deep chocolate and highlights it with shades of copper and red for a sensuous look that will draw them in to get a second look.

Ash Balayage. Cool color highlights are perfect for the winter – and whether you’re coming from a blonde or light brunette base, adding some silvery ash blonde highlights is the way to go. You’ll get a shimmering look that’s fantastic for both casual and formal events.

Silver Ombre. Piggybacking on the cool tone/ash trend, this color is truly show-stopping. It starts with a jet-black color at the roots and ends with icy silver at the ends, for an unforgettable ombre color you’ll love.

Ultraviolet. If you’re the bold, daring type, this is a great color for you! Rich shades of violet and purple overtaking a dark base create an extraordinary look for winter.

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