Get Stunning Eyes with Lash and Brow Enhancements

As we move forward in 2021, face masks are still part of our new normal for now. That means rethinking makeup to become more creative, with a dedicated focus on enhancing the eyes. If you’ve grown tired of applying mascara and eye and brow liners each day, semi-permanent lash and brow enhancements can help make your life easy, and we’ve got you covered at Five Senses Spa, Salon & Barbershop.

With lashes and brows, the goal is a gorgeous, dramatic look, and you get that with darker, longer, and fuller lashes and full, well-defined brows. For most women, that means taking the time each morning to painstakingly apply mascara and liner to get the look you want. But with brow and lash tinting and lash extensions, you can wake up each morning with perfect lashes and brows!

Lash Extensions. Lash extensions are growing in popularity and for good reason – they give you that bold, full, dramatic look without hassling with mascara every morning. These aren’t the fake-looking false eyelashes we saw in older generations. Today’s modern technology gives us a semi-permanent solution to make lashes look longer, fuller, and thicker while still ensuring that they look natural.  

Extensions are placed on each individual lash, so they look like your own lashes, enhanced with a fuller and more visible appearance. Here at Five Senses, our Classic extensions give you a natural look that helps your eyes stand out while still looking like natural lashes. Coming soon, we’ll offer a Volume extension option that gives you a very full, dramatic look that’s perfect for special occasions. 

Because they’re attached to each individual lash, your first lash extension appointment will last about 2 hours. After that, we recommend making regular appointments for lash extension fills to keep the look you want. That’s because your lash extensions will shed with the growth cycle of your natural lashes, so they’ll need filling in to maintain the same look. Since all lashes grow and shed at different rates, only some lashes will need new extensions on your fill appointment, so it won’t take as long. Extensions last up to six weeks with fill appointments as needed.

Lash and Brow Tinting. Tinting helps your lashes and brows stand out, but it’s a bit more subtle than the lash extension look. We use a safe, special dye formulated for the delicate eye area to tint your lashes or brows a darker color. For lashes, the result is similar to a mascara look, and for brows, the effect is like applying liner. Each lash is dyed from top to bottom, so they not only look darker but also appear longer and fuller. Because brow hairs are more visible, it’s also easier to tweeze and shape them for the perfect look. Tinting lasts for three to four weeks and is waterproof, so you can do all the activities you love without worrying about your lashes.

Want to enhance your eyes without the everyday hassle of mascara and liner? Make an appointment today at Five Senses Spa, Salon & Barbershop and our expert makeup artists will help you get the beautiful look you want! Call us at (309) 693-7719 to book your appointment. You can also visit us at 5035 W American Prairie Drive in Peoria, Illinois, or book the lash and brow appointment that fits your schedule on our free mobile app. It’s available on iTunes or Google Play.