Lashes do a great job at helping keep our eyes free from particles in the air but they don’t always have the WOW factor we wish they did. Over the years, makeup creators have worked hard to develop mascara to add fullness and length to our natural lashes but mascara can leave lashes clumpy, heavy, and messy. A great alternative to wasting money on various mascaras is eyelash extensions. Read on to find out the many benefits of eyelash extensions, the service process, and much more!

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

  • Enhance your eyes. Long, full lashes highlight your eyes and draw people in, they just can’t look away!
  • Ditch the Mascara. Mascara can be expensive, or worse, not live up to its promises. Eyelash extensions allow you to elevate your look without the fear of mascara smearing when you go swimming or exercise!
  • Look Natural. Eyelash extensions are lightweight and mimic your own lashes, giving your eyes a natural yet elevated look!
  • Water Resistant. Unlike mascara or strip lashes, individual eyelash extensions are water-resistant, giving you the freedom to enjoy many activities without worrying about your look!

Application of Eyelash Extensions

Your first eyelash extension application takes between 90 minutes to 2 hours for both eyes. The application is painless and does not damage your natural lashes. During the application you will simply lie down in one of our relaxing spa rooms, close your eyes, and relax while ambient music softly plays. Part of the natural look of eyelash extensions comes from being placed on your lashes and as your lashes shed and regrow, eyelash extension filling appointments are needed to maintain your desired length and fullness. To keep in line with the growth cycle of your eyelashes, fill appointments should be made every 2 to 4 weeks and are scheduled as 15-minute blocks.

Caring for Eyelash Extensions

Once you have elevated your look with long, voluminous, natural-looking eyelash extensions, you will definitely want to keep them! There are a few ways to help increase the life of your lash extensions:

  • First 24-36 Hours. During the hours following your application, try to avoid touching them or exposing them to water, sweat, or steam, this ensures the adhesion holds.
  • Face Washing. Try to avoid rubbing the eyelashes while washing your face, it can help to use a washcloth or sponge to avoid your eyes.
  • Oily Products. Oils can lead to the adhesive bond of your eyelash extensions to break down, be sure to avoid applying oily products on or near your lashes.
  • Touching, Pulling, Rubbing. Your lashes will look so gorgeous it will be tempting to touch them but to keep them secure and avoid damaging your natural lashes, it is important to avoid touching, pulling, or rubbing them.
  • Makeup and Remover. Using only water-based makeup and remover will increase the longevity of your lashes.
  • Mascara and Curling. Do NOT use mascara or an eyelash curler with your eyelash extensions as this can damage the extensions and pull them out. Luckily, you don’t need mascara or an eyelash curler to have full, beautiful lashes, with your eyelash extensions you’ll wake up with them!

Eyelash Extension Removal

If you find yourself wanting your eyelash extensions removed, it is important for the health of your natural lashes to have them removed professionally. Like fill-in appointments, removal appointments are scheduled in 15-minute blocks.

Are you ready to elevate your look and put your best face forward with eyelash extensions? Our professional staff look forward to helping you achieve fuller, longer, and more voluminous eyelashes, give us a call at (309) 693-7719 to book an appointment today! You can also visit us at 5035 W American Prairie Drive in Peoria, Il. Or better yet, book the perfect appointment for your schedule with our mobile app! It’s available for free from iTunesGoogle Play, or Amazon.