Accentuate Your Eyes with Five Senses Lash Extensions

Everyone wants beautiful eyes, and for most, that means daily mascara and eyeliner applications to make our lashes look fuller, longer, and darker. But applying and reapplying eye makeup all day can be a hassle, and sometimes even mascara doesn’t give you quite the volume you want. Lash extensions give you a full, gorgeous look without having to bother with mascara at all.

More visible eyelashes make your eyes look more awake and draw attention to your eye color. Most of us aren’t born with dark, visible lashes, so we turn to mascara. Lash extensions provide the following benefits for a rich, beautiful look for your eyes:

  • Volume (for a full, beautiful look)
  • Length (for long lashes that get you noticed)
  • Lift (so your eyes look more awake)
  • Color (darker and more visible)

Lash extensions are lightweight and feel natural to wear. They save you time and hassle because you don’t have to mess with mascara – and even eyeliner – every morning. They’re water-resistant, so you can swim, shower, and get on with your daily activities without worrying about your lashes at all.

Your initial full set lash extension application will take about two hours. Lash extensions work by attaching one extension to each of your existing lashes to give you a natural look you’ll love.

All lashes shed naturally as new lashes come in, so when your natural lash sheds, your lash extension will go with it. Lashes naturally shed at different times, so you’ll need fills every two to three weeks as a touch-up to replace those that have shed, making your fabulous new look last even longer!

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