What Will You Do This Fall?

Back view of beautiful woman with creative elegant hairstyle, hair bun. Isolated on white background.

Even though we still have a few weeks before Labor Day turns the calendar on another summer, there’s no time like the present to begin to plan for your fall look. And a great place to begin is with your hairstyle choices. The good news is that this fall is very likely to be all about simplicity, but it will be anything but boring.

This summer saw a lot of wet-look styles, slicked back and shiny and almost severe. This fall we’ll still be seeing a lot of this style, but it will be looser and not so tailored. Use a mix of products such as mousse and styling cream at the roots. Brush it back or tuck it behind your ears, and loosen it up a bit with your fingers. Keep it close to your scalp, use it only on your fringe, or move it all along the length of your hair. As long as nothing is hanging in your eyes, you’re good to go.

Long hair will be right on point with pony tails and braids all season long. But don’t be lazy with them. Use the style as a launching point for your creativity. Choose different ways to secure them, or wrap your hair ties with unusual covers such as leather thongs, a length of your own hair, or even colored yarn. Side ponies and braids, Princess Leia braided buns, and I Dream Of Jeannie ponytails will all be good options.

Bows of all sorts will be on full display too, and a length of black velvet ribbon may become your go-to option for just about any occasion. Tie it into a big bow or let the ends hang long alongside your pony or braid. If bows aren’t your thing, hair jewelry might be a good option. Sparkly hairpins, tiaras, and floral displays – and often more than one at a time – were all the rage on the fall runways for both long and short styles.

Make a plan for a seamless transition to fall while you’re still soaking up the rest of your summer. The team of stylists here at Five Senses Spa & Salon can help you find a great look to see you through the cooler weather on the way. Give us a call at (309) 693-7719 to book an appointment today. You can also visit us at 7719 N. Grand Prairie Drive in Peoria. Or better yet, book the perfect appointment for your schedule with our mobile app. It’s available for free from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.