Try Eyelash & Brow Tinting for Summer Fun


Now that summer is on the way, mascara and brow liners may be more of a bother than anything else. Heat, humidity, water… it can all cause smudged looks unless you go “au natural” all summer. At Five Senses Spa, Salon & Barbershop, we have the solution to great brows and lashes without the annoying smudging. Let us show you how eyelash & eyebrow tinting can work for you.

It’s waterproof. The number one concern during the season of fun in the sun! Our dyes are waterproof so there’s no worry that your tinted brows and lashes will smear in the hot summer sun. You can enjoy any activity you decide to enjoy on a whim and still look beautiful when you’re done.

Semi-permanent. Tinting your eyebrows and lashes is a semi-permanent makeup option. It lasts between two to four weeks and we use specially formulated dyes ensuring that it’s safe for your sensitive skin. Both of these procedures can be done at the same time while you’re in our salon for other treatments.

More definition. After you get your brows and lashes tinted, your lashes will appear darker, as if you’ve applied mascara without the lumping. You have the option to add additional mascara for a nighttime dramatic look if you wish. Tinted brows naturally bring out the color of your eyes and make touch-up easier for removing unwanted hair.

Safe for contacts. If you wear contact lenses, tinted lashes won’t interfere with your contact use. In fact, you won’t have to worry about running mascara and clumps irritating your eyes.

Saves you time. Instead of taking time in the morning, you can skip all the extra steps on lash conditioner, mascara, and eyebrow liner. Save yourself time and hassle with your routine, and take that extra 10 minutes for another cup of juice or coffee to jumpstart your morning!

This spring is the perfect time to try eyelash & brow tinting to give your added freedom from mascara and brow liners. Give us a call at (309) 693-7719 to schedule your appointment. You can also visit us at 5035 W American Prairie Drive in Peoria. Or better yet, book the perfect appointment for your schedule with our mobile app. It’s available for free from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.