Time Again For Warm Weather Formals

Prosperity. Luxury. Glamorous Showy Woman with Diamond Earrings

Whether you’re a bride to be, a bridesmaid on call, or simply a guest at a formal event, your big day is probably just around the corner. There’s so much to decide between now and then from what to wear to how to style your hair to keeping your look together from entrance to exit. Fortunately we’ve pulled together a few ideas for you that may just help you keep things ticking smoothly along.

First of all let’s think about your hair. There are two big trends this year, and not surprisingly they are almost complete opposites. Classic updos will be very much a thing, but that doesn’t mean short hair girls need to feel left out. The theme is all about being polished and sleek, and there are lots of options no matter what length hair you may have. They’re minimalist and uber chic, and they’ll work with just about any outfit you choose.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll also be seeing a lot of natural hair. From beachy waves to full on curls, the only intervention will be to present your hair in its natural state with a few natural embellishments as needed. Think about simple twists and loose braids for longer hair, or nothing at all for shorter styles, but each of them highlighted with a bit of nature. Maybe pin a flower or sprig behind your ear or at the top of your bun or braid. The overarching theme is romance letting you embrace your inner woodland fairy.

In terms of makeup the two main areas of focus are always eyes and lips, and just as with hairstyles this year we have two very opposite looks. There will be no escaping millennial pink eye shadow. It’s a great way to bring the romance without looking overdone, and it will work well with both modern sleek or romantic hair and fashion. The lip trend this year will be berry, that great shade of not quite red yet not quite purple. Opt for a matte finish liquid – it will bleed less and last longer. Top it off with a clear sealer just to make sure.

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