Summer Skin Care Tips

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Warm summer weather may make you feel relaxed and carefree, but you still need to be on your best skin care behavior this season. While your make up routine may be less intense these days, the TLC you give to your skin now will pay off for weeks to come. Here are some summertime tips to keep you looking, and feeling, your fresh summer best.

Everyone knows the importance of using sunscreen, especially when you know you’ll be out and about enjoying the fresh air. But for your complexion’s sake, choose a facial sunscreen that’s oil-free, especially if you’ll be working up a sweat. Using an oil-free product will help prevent breakouts from clogged pores. Keep in mind, too, that ‘sheer’ on the label doesn’t necessarily translate into ‘oil-free’. Just read the list of ingredients if you’re not sure, or look for a product that advertises itself as oil-free.

You may also want to think about giving up on wearing foundation during the hot weather. It can be hard to keep it in place when you’re sweating more than usual. Instead, try a daily moisturizer that contains a gradual self-tanner. You’ll be giving your skin some much-needed moisturizer while getting a safe, sun kissed glow without an added layer of make up.

Hot, humid weather can emphasize your pores, but adding an extra session of exfoliating each week can help. The scrubbing action will help keep your pores clear and minimize their appearance. You’ll also get the added benefit of exposing more fresh skin cells keeping you looking fresh and ready to go.

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