Stealing From The Pros

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If you’re going to steal, make sure you steal from the best and that includes styling tips and tricks for spring. After a long, dark winter, we could all use a bit of a pick-me-up, and what better way to get it than to start with your look.

The Oscar de la Renta spring shows featured low, sleek ponies tied with a simple black ribbon. It’s the hairstyle equivalent of a little black dress – easy to wear and open to endless interpretations. Keep it sleek for a classic look, or mess it up slightly to look more natural.

Make up trends are also heading toward the simple and natural side of things. Pair that ponytail will a dramatic lip color and full, natural brows. Keep the rest of your face as natural as possible. To really go for a no-makeup look, you’ll need to keep your natural skin in tip-top shape. Be sure to eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and stay properly hydrated, and follow your cosmetician’s advice about cleansing and moisturizing.

If the “au natural” look feels a bit too naked, why not add some clumpy eyelashes. All those years that you tried your best to avoid clumps are now just a memory. The key here is to create clumps by using the mascara wand in a vertical position and purposefully creating small groups of lashes. With clean skin below, you’ll get an elegant look with a pop of youthfulness.

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