Start Seeing Red – Lips That Is


When you were five, it was probably your favorite color. When you were fifteen, probably not so much. But now that you’re a grown up, it’s time to embrace the color once more. Yes, we’re talking about the color red, and there’s no time like the holidays to bring it back into your beauty stable. No matter what your skin tone or your style may be, there’s a place for a red lip in your beauty repertoire.

To successfully choose a red lipstick, first consider your skin tone. Fair and medium skin tones usually have blue undertones. So opt for a Bordeaux or burgundy shade that also has hints of a blue base. Some medium skin tones are also a bit warm, and in this case you can branch out to a warm brownish red color too. Neutral skin tones can gravitate toward the true reds and corals, while olive tones should look to the orangey end of the red spectrum. Caramel skin will glow with natural warmth with cherry reds while deep skin tones once again get to embrace both cooler as well as warmer reds depending upon how you feel on the day.

When you’re still struggling to get past your former aversion to red lips, start simply. Look for a balm-type hybrid that will bring some color as well as some winter weather TLC for your lips. You’ll get the look of a lip stain without the commitment if you chicken out halfway through the day. Or embrace your inner child with a popsicle-stained look with a lip balm in a juicy color. Sometimes it’s easier to embrace a new color if you have some fun with it. Look for combo products that let you build the perfect color with a combination of tint and gloss. These are great for making the transition from office to club, too. When you’re ready, indulge. Get a really good quality lipstick in a couple of red tones, and you’ll be well on your way to a quick holiday look.

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