Soothing Massage Tips for Summer

2016.06.26 5 senses

Just because the weather is heating up doesn’t mean you should forgo your regular massage appointment. If anything, the hot weather – and the overdone fun that often accompanies it – may have your body and soul crying out for some healing and soothing. Your massage therapist will have his or her space all ready to go for the warm weather, and will use techniques that will help your body release both heat and stress during your session. But here are some tips that you can use in between appointments to help improve your summer massage experience as well.

Fun in the sun often means sweat and overexposed skin, and that leads to dehydrated skin that can look and feel lackluster at best. Throughout the summer, treat yourself to a weekly exfoliation to wash away dry skin cells and bring a new, healthy layer of skin up to the surface. If you’re creating your own exfoliants, be sure to use lightweight carrier oils to help you glide across the surface and moisturize at the same time without weighing you down.

When you do get overheated, your first thought may be to grab some ice. While ice is the perfect choice for injuries – and cold drinks – it’s not always your best choice for cooling down. Instead, try placing a cool stone on the palm of your hand or behind your neck. These points will help your body moderate its temperature. But do be sure to hydrate from within, too. Warm bodies use up moisture much more quickly than cool ones do. If you’re properly hydrated, you’ll be less likely to overheat.

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