Real Princess Beauty Secrets

princess Di

When she first burst onto the scene nearly 40 years ago, Princess Diana instantly became the world’s sweetheart. Over the next several years, we watched her grow from a shy English rose into a truly rare beauty. Here are a few of the beauty rules that Diana learned to follow during those transformative years.

Diana’s former makeup artist, Mary Greenwell, describes her as a firm believer in the “beauty begins within” regime. Beginning with a diet very low in dairy and sugar, Diana took most things in moderation. She didn’t smoke and she only occasionally drank alcohol. Greenwell also urged the Princess to get enough rest. These habits must have done the trick because despite the fact that Diana was prone to rosacea, her skin was nearly always perfect.

The skin care regime Diana followed also gave her a healthy beauty foundation. She used a routine built around cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice each day, no matter what. She never slept in her makeup, and she never went without sunscreen. Diana was also sure to use a moisturizer before applying any makeup she planned to wear.

Princess Diana also learned to follow the rule of two – of the three makeup elements (eyes, lips, and blush), only make no more than two of them a statement at any one time. For example, if you plan to wear both a full lip color and heavy eye makeup, go easy on the blush. It’s a kind of mathematical formula for “less is best.” Diana loved brightly colored eye pencils and was fond of kohl-rimmed eyes, but she was careful to keep her other makeup to a minimum when she indulged in them.

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