Peace in the Holiday Haze

Die sieben Chakren - Meditation

The holiday season is in full swing now that December is here!  You’ve already felt the rush of excitement and slight panic as you plan your gifts and festivities. While this time of year is magical in so many ways, you can feel the less than thrilling side effects of fighting traffic, waiting in long lines and keeping late hours to make sure you don’t forget anyone on your shopping list this year.  Don’t forget to rediscover your own inner peace amid the holiday rush.

One of the best ways to put your worries aside and recharge yourself is with a Chakra Balancing Foot Treatment and Massage.  Chakra is an energy structure derived from ancient India that works to keep the mind and body connected.  When we can link the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves together, we can achieve health, well-being and balance in our daily life.

Chakra works with different energy sources and pressure points within the body.  The goal is to move toward health and wholeness and away from imbalance and stress.  Think of enjoying a deep tissue massage on your back while the stress melts away from your body.  Then focus on what literally carries you through every family gathering, office party and yule tide tango, your feet! Chakra foot treatments concentrate on reflexology massage, triggering specific points in the foot to help attain your body’s natural harmony again.

After all, if you neglect your own self-care in the hustle and bustle of good tidings, you’ll miss out the glimmering moments that make this season so memorable in the first place.  Make sure you are balanced and ready to embrace the magic of the season!

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