Makeup to Chase Away Winter

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Remember that movie about baseball with the line, “If you build it, they will come”? Well the same can be said for finally putting this winter into the memory books. If you use your makeup wisely, spring will come. Really! Just choose one of these trends, and your outlook will instantly become more spring-like, and this long, cold winter will become just a distant memory.

Let’s start at the top – the eyes have it yet again. There are some truly great trends to try out here. For something elegant, opt for a simple metallic shimmer on your lids. Use a neutral base, like a taupe tone, and blend with a creamy gold pencil. Or tap into your inner mermaid with a seafoam green duo applied with just a fingertip. For something a little more fresh and natural, choose a tangerine eye gloss with a simple kohl line and mascara. And to really kick it up, use a mix of shimmery watercolor tones, like aqua, chartreuse and gold, with a cat-eye line.

Moving on to lips, you can bring it with your favorite hair color technique – ombre. Choose a bright orangey-red base with a cherry red liner and dab of uber bright orange right in the center of both top and bottom lips. To walk that back just a bit, opt for a two-tone technique. Use a matte red on your upper lip and a hot pink on the bottom lip. For a sparkly evening, use a deep base color, such as a matte black cherry, and top it with a glittery chocolate.

This spring you can relax and trade in your contouring techniques for draping. It’s a simple technique – just wear your blush up high on your cheekbones spreading gently right into the outer corners of your eyes. Make it monochromatic by using the same tone on lips and lids, too. But possibly the simplest and most striking makeup trend this spring will be going nude. The base will be a creamy matte skin with just the slightest brush of color on cheeks and the bridge of the nose combined with a neutral eye shadow and a pinkish matte lip.

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