Looking Great Comes From Feeling Great

Female hands giving massage to soft bare feet

Remember that old adage about real beauty coming from within? It turns out that it’s absolutely true, and the best way to look your best is to make sure you feel your best. A great way to make that happen is to get into a regular massage routine.

Experts agree that as much as 90% of disease is stress-related, and nothing makes us age more quickly than a stress-filled lifestyle. Massage is an important component of any plan to reduce and manage stress. You’ll sleep better, be able to concentrate more, and generally improve your level of energy.

The list of specific benefits of a regular massage regimen is long and wide ranging. Beyond the obvious results such as relieving overused muscles and improving their range of motion, bodywork also improves circulation and assists in pumping oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and vital organs. It also helps release endorphins, your body’s natural painkillers, bringing some relief to chronic pain sufferers. Many hospitals have even begun incorporating massage into on-site treatments for post surgery recovery.

The best way to capitalize upon these effects is to develop your own regular massage program. Thoughtfully scheduling repeat appointments will help your body help itself, and over time, you’ll notice more and more return on your wellness investment. Your massage therapist can help you develop a program that best fits your individual needs.

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