Hairstyles Coming Your Way This Year

While we’ve spent the past few weeks looking back over the events of 2016, now is a great time to begin looking forward to what we might see and do in the coming year, getting excited about the possibilities inherent in a new year and a new beginning. To help you get the ideas flowing, here’s a look at the hairstyles the pros are betting we’ll see more and more as the weeks fly past.

One big trend will be the slicked back look as if you’ve just come out of the shower and combed your hair straight back from your forehead. The fall runways sported lots of different versions of it. They ranged from styles that were simply coaxed back with product and blow dryer to full on wet heads with lots of glossy oils and gels holding hair back. In between there were slicked back up do’s and temporary colors along with severe, middle parted hair slicked down just along the part with strong hold gels.

Hair accessories will be a big thing this year too. Sparkly pins and ornate barrettes can work in hair of any length or texture, and they bring a good deal of visual interest, especially when paired with a complementary earring or necklace. Plus, they’re a great way to switch up a style for day-into-evening occasions. Are you more of an earth mother than a fashion plate? Fabric and natural material headbands of all sorts as well as torn fabric ribbons and leather laces will also be on full display this year.

We’ll be seeing lots and lots of braids, too. There will be traditional peasant girl plaits as well as complicated French braids and up do’s. You’ll even catch a glimpse of the occasional hidden baby braid ornamented with beads and colorful strings. Some fashion houses opted to combine the slicked back look with a traditional plait to get the best of both worlds.

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