Hair Colors from a Spring Menu


Now that you’ve recovered from a full-on holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about what to do once springtime rolls around. Yes, this may seem like pushing the season and wishing away the weeks in between, but there’s nothing like getting ahead of the game, especially when that game is your hair color. And this spring we’ll be seeing an entire menu of delicious hair colors.

Life is short, as they say, so eat dessert first. That said, let’s start on the sweet side of spring hair colors. Strawberry will be the go-to tone for blondes who want to try out the red side of the spectrum. This color keeps the golden warmth from the blonde side of things but adds in a kick of red to sweeten it up. It will bring a warming glow to most skin tones even if you’ve been stuck inside during a blizzard for days on end. If you want to stay on the blonde side, consider a golden blonde base with baby blonde highlights that become lighter at the ends while also framing your face.

For darker shades, chocolate brown will be a great foil for the brighter spring fashion colors coming your way. Plus, this deep shade looks great with virtually all skin tones. If you’re looking for something in the middle of the color spectrum, honey may just be the way to go. It’s not quite brown but not quite blonde either – just a classic neutral when worn as a single color. For a multi-tonal option, consider a caramel balayage with the darker end near your roots giving way to brighter tones near the tips.

No matter where on the color spectrum you choose to alight, the key to highlights this spring will be to keep them more subtle than they have been of late. Keep the multidimensional piece, but ask for less contrast between the tones. The effect will be soft, just like the spring sunshine.

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