Hair Care Tips to Keep Your Color-Treated Hair Looking Fabulous


You’ve just stepped out of Five Senses Salon with your gorgeous new Aveda color – it looks and feels great, and you want it to last! Hair care between salon visits is an important part of keeping your color looking fresh. Here are a few tips that will help that color stay beautiful longer.

Use only stylist-recommended products. You’ve made the investment on that fabulous Aveda color – now protect it with only the best products. Supermarket brands can over-strip your hair, removing natural oils that keep your hair soft and protected from damage, and your color may be at risk. Your stylist will recommend a professional, sulfate-free, Aveda product specifically designed for your hair type. Follow that advice and your color will stay gorgeous longer.

Wait before shampooing. Your stylist will recommend a wait some time before shampooing again, usually at least 48 hours. Give your hair this time – it takes a while for the outer layer of each strand to seal up following coloring. The wait time allows the color to set so it lasts longer. When you’re ready to shampoo again, try Aveda’s Color Conserve product line. You’ll feel as confident with your color as the day you left our salon!

Shampoo less frequently. Most people shampoo too often, but frequent shampooing is even more of a problem for color-treated hair. Many stylists recommend shampooing only two or three times per week. Between the days that you shampoo, you can use a dry shampoo to keep things fresh. Ask your stylist about Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo.  

Avoid the heat. Heat damages all hair, but this can be more of a problem for color-treated hair. Avoid heated styling tools if you can. If your style demands it, use a heat protectant before straightening, blow-drying, or curling. We suggest using Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair daily to instantly detangle and help protect from breakage and damage due to your styling tools.

Condition well. Conditioning is a vital step for color-treated hair! Use a conditioner that was recommended by your stylist and use it often. Some people use conditioner as a shampoo replacement on those days in between shampoos. Also, ask your stylist whether you should schedule appointments for deep conditioning treatments. Soft, silky hair not only feels great, but it also reflects light, which helps your color look fabulous!

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