Getting Your Back Into It

Woman getting  recreation massage

It’s been in the news lately – updates on the best ways to treat chronic lower back pain. Until now physicians often reached for their prescription pads to help their patients overcome the discomfort, but the American College of Physicians recently released a new set of guidelines that effectively moves that option way, way down on the list. What has taken its place at the top? Non-drug treatments are now the preferred ways to treat lower back pain, and these include various approaches to stretching as well as massage therapy.

Beyond the recent hubbub, the Mayo Clinic has long noted the benefits of massage therapy for any number of health concerns, both minor and acute. The manipulation of the muscles in your body relaxes them allowing your body to perform more naturally. Muscle fibers and their connective tissues

may tighten and become misshapen with injury or even from simple overuse. Massage therapy helps them return to their natural shapes and locations letting circulation flow more freely and causing you less pain.

Massage is also a fantastic way to reduce stress and anxiety, which researchers now note can be huge contributors to ongoing illnesses throughout the body. Doctors often recommend massage therapy as a complimentary treatment for a whole range of medical concerns ranging from high blood pressure to fibromyalgia to chemotherapy-related nausea. As the American Massage Therapy Association notes, massage is good medicine.

But it’s important to find a licensed massage therapist. In order to become licensed, massage therapists will need to prove that they’ve been properly trained and are staying up to date with ongoing professional development. This means that they have a thorough understanding of how the body functions as a system, and the role that massage plays in it.

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