Get Ready for Fall with These Great Hair Trends

Young beautiful woman with stylish hair bun

While there’s still plenty of time to enjoy your summer by the beach or at the pool, there’s no reason you can’t also be thinking about what to do with your hair this fall. In between sips of lemonade, lay back, close your eyes, and imagine what you want to say with your autumn style. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

All indications point to the bob begin a big hit again this fall. It’s incredibly versatile, and you can go for straight and classic or textured and hip. You can bling it out with some baroque hair accessories or keep it simple and natural. Best of all, you can switch it up day by day as the mood takes you.

As for color, natural hues are gaining popularity. Blonde is still big, but it’s warmed up this season with honey and cinnamon tones. Dark colors are showing up more and more often too – from basic black to walnut and on to copper and bronze. For depth and movement, stylists are opting to work with natural texture and highlighting with realistic colors for added depth.

Natural seems to be the word as more and more A-Listers are embracing their hair’s natural tendencies. Curls and waves are on full display, and even straight hair gets some natural texture from loosely braiding damp hair or coiling it gently into a twist. Hair accessories will be big too, especially those that look like they came from your grandmother’s jewelry box.

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