For Men, It’s The Undercut

Hairstylist making men's haircut to an attractive man.

Even though we’re just coming off another fashion whirlwind from New York Fashion week, it seemed like a good time to focus on the boys for a change. What are we going to see in men’s hairstyles for fall and winter this year? The answer is simple but the variations are many – it’s the season of the undercut.

Like the pixie for women, the undercut for men has been a dependable style for those who want something more edgy for quite some time now. The difference this year is that men are branching out and taking this basic cut in lots of new directions. The foundations of the cut are super tight sides that give way to a sharp line beneath a longer top. But that’s where the similarity ends.

If you’re new to the undercut, you may want to start with a more traditional take. The sides will be neat and very short, and may blend seamlessly into facial hair, but the top will be not overly long. Add a bit of product to keep it neat, or use some wet-look gel or mousse for a more retro look.

Depending upon how long you’re willing to go on top, you can opt for a range of styles. If you have a naturally strong side part, you can sweep the top over to the side with either a bit of a pompadour or more of a James Dean look. If you have hair with lots of volume and texture, or just plain old curls, use some matte product to get the perfect puffy look on top. To step even further off the traditional path, ask your stylist to add in some layers on top and go for a bed head look. And for those who really want to make a statement, longer undercuts create the perfect contrast between those super short sides and the uber long, unrestrained top. Depending upon the length, you may even opt for a topknot above your undercut.

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