Fall Is a Great Time To Repair Your Skin

Attractive young woman applying powder

You had a fantastic summer and have probably spent more than your fair share of time out of doors in the weeks since Labor Day, too. Whether you were working in the yard, picking apples, or taking a walk among the falling leaves, your skin is probably ready for a little attention before the big holiday rush begins in earnest. And a facial is a great way to do just that.

During the warmer months, your skin was producing a lot more oil than it is at present. It built up on the surface of your skin, trapping dead skin cells and all sorts of things we don’t like to talk about in polite company. It’s crying out for a deep cleanse and exfoliation, and that means it’s high time for a facial.

The second part of the equation deals with the weather going forward. If you haven’t already noticed, the air is much drier now, and your skin is losing moisture much more rapidly in this cooler weather. The hydrating functions of a good facial are crucial to fend off any flaky skin that may be headed your way.

But probably most important is the individualized advice you’ll get for your post-facial skincare routine. The aesthetician that performs you facial can recommend products and a cold weather skincare regimen that precisely fits your skin’s needs. No more guesswork about which moisturizer to use or how often to use an exfoliating scrub. You’ll leave with fresh skin and the knowledge about how best to keep it at its best all season long.

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