Fall For Color

Beautiful woman with long straight hair

Despite the fact that the days are getting shorter, autumn has always been all about color. The leaves change color, and the sky morphs from brilliant blue to moody grey and back again in the blink of an eye. It’s the perfect time to embrace some color in your own style, and this fall hair color trends will let you choose from a huge range to match exactly what you have in mind.

Given the season, let’s begin on the dark side. If your hair is naturally dark, consider adding some warm highlights. Caramel, cinnamon, and auburn go hand in hand with brunette, and they’re great for warming up your color and giving it more depth. But this may be the year for you to go really dark, too. Jet black will be huge this season, with or without some highlights.

Heading toward the lighter end of things, bronde will let you straddle the fence between blonde and brunette and it works incredibly well with highlights on either side of the color chart. If you’re already close to the tone, consider adding a highlighting glaze to soften it and add movement. And platinum will still be a good option this fall too, though you may want to opt for a creamy version to bring some warmth to the color.

As for highlights, ombre is back in a big way. It’s an easy way to transition to fall with minimal maintenance required. Also, high contrast roots are still going strong. So your grown out summer look will fit in perfectly and it will add a bit of I-don’t-care to the mix, too.

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