Facials Are Not Frivolous

Facial and skin care tips

Mention that you’ve got an appointment for a facial, and you’ll notice lots of raised eyebrows and a few rolled eyes. Many people see them as ineffective or something to do when you have some extra cash and want some pampering. While it’s true that facials can be relaxing and can even feel indulgent, the fact is that they’re an important part of a good skin care regimen.

Before you start to think that a good facial can cure anything, keep in mind that a facial is more of a preventive measure. It will help get your skin into shape over time, as long as you do your part at home in between appointments. Plan for a facial every four weeks or so depending upon your skins particular needs to really get your complexion glowing. If you have more oily skin, plan on three to four weeks between appointments. If your skin tends to be drier, you may be able to plan on a five-week schedule.

A good facial will have great after effects, too. The massaging action of a professional facial will increase blood flow and oxygenation, and help drain and remove toxins. Because someone else is doing the massaging, you will be able to simply lay back and relax. Your skin will look and feel good, and so will you. You and your aesthetician will develop a synchrony over time, and your skin will benefit from it.

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