Eyebrow & Lash Tinting to Accentuate Your Beauty

Female face with beautiful eyebrows and artificial eyelashes for maximum volume

If you’ve recently made a dramatic hair color change or wish to naturally accentuate the eye instead of relying on brow pencils, you may want to look into eyebrow tinting. Even if you’ve only gone a couple shades lighter or darker, you need to make sure your brows are in alignment with your new hair color.

Not sure of what eyebrow tinting is? Trust us, it isn’t something you want to do at home. Leave it to your stylist to ensure they achieve the perfect shade to complement your new hair color. Ideally, your brows won’t match the color perfectly but instead a subtle difference between your brow color and hair color is much more appealing.

When you think eyebrow tinting, think safety as well. Not only do we have more control over the color, but because we’re talking about the area right around your eyes, safety is a big concern as well.

Eyebrow tinting needs regular maintenance just like hair color. Eyebrows fall out naturally at the end of their growth cycle, and the color will fade. You should expect to have them colored about once a month which can be coordinated with your hair root touch-ups to make one easy salon appointment

While we’re talking about tinting, we also over eyelash tinting. It’s an amazing way to cut down on your morning prep time while helping to bring out the natural beauty of your eyes.

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