Destress Before The Holidays


There’s nothing quite like the holidays – good food, fun decorations, buying lots of gifts, getting together with family and friends, the clash of ideas and egos… If your heart rate increases just thinking about all you have to get done during the coming weeks, now is the time to get ahead of all of that stress with a professional massage from a highly trained massage therapist.

Medically speaking, massage therapy is an excellent, non-pharmaceutical way to help manage stress. Studies have found that even just one session can decrease the levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that contributes to stress in humans, and decreasing its levels helps to decrease the level of overall stress in the body. Other studies have found that massage therapy reduces pain and promotes muscle relaxation, and these lead directly to better mood and deeper sleep. It becomes a cycle of wellness with less pain and stress, and better sleep patterns and fewer mood swings that in turn help keep your levels of stress in check.

There is a wide range of massage services from which to choose, too. Probably the most recognizable is Swedish or deep tissue massage with its long, smooth strokes, but there are others such as acupressure and reflexology techniques that zero in on pain and pressure points to help your body regain a wellness balance. Hot stone massages use heated smooth basalt stones carefully placed to provide deep heat for even more relaxation, and water-based massage therapies use strategically placed jets of water in special shower rooms to help promote circulation throughout the body and soothe your soul at the same time.

Are you feeling ready to tackle the holidays? The team of highly trained massage therapists here at Five Senses Spa & Salon is ready to help you get a head start on holiday wellness. With our expertise and Aveda’s phenomenal products, you can’t go wrong. Give us a call at (309) 693-7719 to book an appointment today. You can also visit us at 5035 W American Prairie Drive in Peoria. Or better yet, book the perfect appointment for your schedule with our mobile app. It’s available for free from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.